Nature's Essence Diamond Facial Kit Mini52 GM

Nature's Essence Diamond Facial Kit Mini52 GM
Nature's Essence Diamond Facial Kit Mini52 GM
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52 g
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Ravishing Diamond face cleanser This transparent gel bleaded with tween -20 & Diamond sparkle provides deep cleansing & skin purifying properties. Ravishing diamond scrub power this powder is the blend of milk powder, Rice grains which polishes the epidermal layer and helps o dislodge the blackheads & dead skin layer. Ravishing diamond serum this transparent glycerin & lactic acid gives protection and skin shine effect its oxygenating property improves circulation and boost glow. Ravishing diamond skin cream it is an oil free cream rich in vitamin E wheat germ oil and diamond sparkle as this dust repels water so while massaging diamond serum is mixed for better results. it has strong skin polishing effect for giving smooth surface texture to the skin. Also improves complexion. Ravishing diamond shine pack base on TEA & Glycerin this pack lifts the sin improves the texture and complexion and offer a lasting shine on the skin surface. Ravishing diamond polish cream this special oil free cream is useful to cover the freshly treated skin. it also protects the skin from harmful sun rays. while rubbing it leaves the shining effect on the epidermal layer.
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